Sunday, December 13, 2009

Nicknames/pet names

I realized the other day that I have special nicknames/petnames for a lot of girls (and a few guys) I know. Some (pretty much all of them) are embarrassing, some are funny, some and sweet. I felt like sharing a few of them:

dear, dearest, love = jennie
chili pepper, sugar = linda
pumpkin= bri
dollface, ass clown, babe = paris
royal princess, princess = katie
hun = felicia
bitch = johnna
darling = shae
muffin = anna c
platinum = alyssa
gold = lindsey
ashers = anna a
sex muffin= burke
skillz = kristin
ty ty = turiya
cupcake = rachel
wilson, lil slider, whoreson, mcfly, chewy, chewbert, dutchess of gossip = matt
logi bear = logan
the gatekeeper = peter
cat= catherine o
mile high = alison

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