Thursday, November 5, 2009

if only...

If the world caves in and death comes knocking on your door will you be upset you didn't study more?

I'm alive but I'm not living

I was stressed
a paranoid neurotic
writhing mess
But as soon as I met your eye
the clouds began to part in my sky
I began to shed my depression
like snakeskin
acquired through shallow misdirection

Someday I'll die. My skin will turn blue.
If I should meet God and he asks me how I made it through
I'll smile and tell him it's all thanks to you
If he sends me down from the sky
to give this world a second try
just as soon as I can trust my feet
I won't ever look back once I cross the street
I'll search the world for something true
but nothing will ever be as good as you

I'd spend my days working for a life with you.

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