Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pray for Rain


We are really in control of the world around us. It's just about our perception of everything and how we process it. If you really think about it everything you see, hear, touch, feel, experience is just how your brain interprets various chemical and electrical messages. If you think about this we really have to power to completely control our life and make the world what we want it.

"Everybody perceives in a particular way that they're able or comfortable to perceive. I don't think it's just with music; it's how we grow in the world. That's why it's not necessarily important to make a grand sweeping gesture with your contribution to the world. Because you can say something that just one person has the ears to hear. And that person may be inspired to do something that changes the quality of their lives and in turn changes other people's lives. Whether it's the way we listen to music or our conception of life, our perception is continually evolving...we create what's important to us at that particular time and in that particular frame of mind." -Steve Vai

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