Sunday, April 19, 2009

Brutally Honest

I bet you're really fucking proud of yourself. All this attention you've been getting lately. The opposite sex just can't resist you and you can't resist them. When you enter the room all eyes immediately converge on you and you absolutely love it. It's just one mistake after another. The messes we make only bring us more attention. Everyone is secretly in love with their own pain and suffering but they would not ever admit it. What doesn't kill you only gets you more sympathy. God forbid that something truly tragic were to ever happen to you. These messes you always find yourself in are all your own fault; perfectly orchestrated tragedies just so we can test the waters and keep the limelight focused directly on us. You're too scared of failure to actually take a chance and too scared to move on that you keep falling back into this vicious circle of yours. Fuck this tragic little world you've built for yourself. It is time to face reality and quit fucking things up for yourself before you go too far.

I guess that's just the morning after a party though when you wake up to the mess and faint memories of a good time. Sometimes you wake up feeling more empty than the bottles you have to pick up. I am sure she had a great time off wherever the fuck she may be. Stupid whore, I will take everything you ever loved. So many dreams and desires and so little time. I really am sick of hearing about this and I'm tired of biased judgment from people that don't know me. Fuck, I really hate this semester. Stupid whore, good luck finding anyone who will ever love you half as much as you love yourself. Good luck finding anyone that will ever treat you half as great as I did. Not that it really maters. There seems to be a trend here...
I guess that makes number 4 or 5. I have quit counting because it depresses me but the numbers are climbing. Yay for being blissfully single and don't forget to wipe your feet on the doormat.

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