Monday, March 30, 2009


The clouds steal the sun from the sky and shadows fall. The fire's light chases away the darkness. Helpless, we can only watch it burn.

The silence that separates us is also the same thing that brings us together. Drunk on solitude; A prayer is whispered for luck.

Raise your class in memory of your biggest mistake. Raise your glass in memory of all the hearts you break.

She is the poison coursing through my veins. Take me someplace I've never been, I want to see everything.

Sprout wings with me so we can watch the hills burn then fly to the ocean just to taste the salt.

Her serrated teeth versus a lifetime of dreams. To this day it still stands as the most horrific thing I've ever seen.

Put a gun against my head
Let's paint these walls a darker shade of red.

It has been over three years now; three fucking years. Where have they all gone? The time has hastily been slipping through my fingers like sand. We have both changed a lot in those three short years but our situation is still stagnant. Ever the unrequited love affair. Broken hearts lead to broken livers. If I was smarter I would cut my losses and move on but that is obviously not the case. Sometimes I feel like we are doomed to keep repeating our mistakes over and over and over and over and over again. We keep falling into this vicious circle in a limbo of self pity and frustration. I guess the responsibility really falls on me. I need to take a stand on be responsible for my actions. We always run to what is most comfortable and familiar. Too afraid of the unknown to take a chance and too afraid to lose the comfort of knowing what lies just around every corner... is morning and I am awake as she quietly sleeps beside me. The first few rays from a fresh sun sneak across the room and illuminate the gentle curves of her cheek. The light accents every nuance of her soft skin, smooth as perfectly aged porcelain. I have been awake for some time, content with just watching her lie beside me. I pay careful attention to the soft rhythmic rising and falling of her chest and the way her beautiful, dark hair lies perfectly around her head. Her skin is smooth like fine silk against mine. As the morning hastily approaches more sunlight finds its way to the bed to illuminate her entire face. Even when she is fast asleep she is strikingly beautiful. Her exquisite eyes are softly nestled away beneath her eyelids. I feel her entire body shift as her eyelids gracefully flutter and her sensuous lips part. In the light her eyes are strikingly vibrant. She is awake...

I should have kissed you like I meant it when I had the chance.
We keep our distance now there's no room for romance
What could you take that I haven't lost?
What could you break that I've still got?
All alone, you spat in my face
but I know, I can make it on my own
so goodnight gorgeous
pretend everything's alright
goodnight gorgeous

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  1. i'm not even going to try and attempt this one.
    i like it though!