Sunday, March 8, 2009

First blog

I decided to start blogging and I'm not sure why. I will probably only update this intermittently. Oh well. Today is a busy day. I've decided that I hate Sundays. The day of rest my ass...
We are taught to observe Sunday as a spiritual day (it's in the 10 commandments right up there with killing people, stealing, and stealing your neighbor's spouse) of rest. I don't remember the last Sunday where I rested; I'm always playing catch up and doing homework or something else. That's life.

Self destruction is masturbation. Self improvement is the answer. (Thank you Chuck Palahniuk)

At a high enough concentration the toxicity of any substance becomes lethal. Think about that one...

People in our society place way too much of an emphasis on being in a relationship or finding the person that's right for us. It kinda makes me sick sometimes. What ever happened to being content with yourself and making yourself happy. Those people that don't ever feel complete unless they have someone there make me sick. Learn to love yourself and quit dribbling about how great your significant other is. Everyone is so paranoid of being alone. It's like the silence that separates people, most can't take it and have to break the silence. No one cares to just enjoy it. Silence never lasts long. In all fairness nothing really lasts. We are all just fleeting memories that have yet to pass. Everything we know is just an electrical impulse in your brain transmitted by a complex chain of axons, neurons, receptors, chemicals, neurotransmitters, etc. Have you ever really thought about that? What you are" seeing" or "feeling" is really just how your brain interprets different electrical or chemical impulses. I'll extrapolate on all of this later. It's Sunday and I have far too much to do right now.

I'll leave you with some lyrics:

Proud of my life and the things that I have done
Proud of myself and the loner I've become
You're free to whine, it will not get you far
I do just fine, my car and my guitar

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