Monday, June 15, 2009


I'm making a change. I 'm going back to basics. For a while people have been telling me what I need and what I want. I've been going along with it to make everyone happy. People have been helping me solve problems that don't exist and creating new problems. I am done making you people happy. Call me selfish but I have to do some of this for myself. At the end of the day it comes down to doing what makes you happy. I don't care if you think I have a problem. You can't fix what isn't there. Quit making stuff up for the sake of self aggrandizement because that does not fly with me.

I want to feel that hunger only notes can fill.

Listening to everyone has taken my voice away. I have silenced myself.

It's funny what little things can trigger epiphanies like this. I had been on the verge of it for a while but a bad decision or two really pushed me over the edge. Good bye sainthood, hello enlightenment. Enlightenment probably isn't the right word, neither is sainthood in that case.

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