Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I used to think I was patient but this semester has really tested that. If I seem impatient or on edge these days there's a good reason: I AM TIRED OF FUCKING WAITING AND BEING PATIENT!!!

I seriously don't want to put up with this anymore. Fuck you, Fuck this, Fuck waiting, Fuck patience, Fuck life, Fuck Death, Fuck Coldplay, Fuck relationships, Fuck Women, Fuck Girls, Fuck Dogs, Fuck Pirates, Fuck SARS, Fuck Rasicsm, Fuck Sociology, Fuck Group projects, Fuck my intermittent insomnia, Fuck homophobia, Fuck hunger, Fuck Human Body, Fuck Sociology again just for the fuck or it, Fuck Beauty, Fuck Rape, Fuck profanity, Fuck Feminists, Fuck virgins, Fuck Geese, Fuck you gallbladder, Fuck bitches, Fuck Asses, Fuck Plans, Fuck the future, Fuck improper nouns, Fuck ambiguity, Fuck giving a fuck, Fuck everything with a big rusty pole.

ps you're fucking stupid. go fuckyourself in the ass with a telephone pole.


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